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Certified Sound Engineering Courses Overview


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Bvoc Audio Production

3 years

Bachelor’s Degree course covering all the main aspects of Audio Production such as Basic of Audio Technology, Recording Arts, Electronic Music Production/DJing, Songwriting and Music Composition, Mixing & Mastering, Live Sound Production, Sound Design for Films, Music Business and Copyright Laws.


 Fundamentals of Audio

1 Month

Audio Basics course enables the student to take their first steps towards an audio engineering career by explaining the fundamental physics behind sound, it’s propagation in air medium, methods to quantify and measure sound, understand the basic terminologies and technologies involved in professional audio. This course will prepare an aspiring student to proceed towards a specific discipline of choice within audio engineering


Recording Arts

6 Months

Recording Arts course deals with audio production within a recording studio on a Pro-Tools based environment. This course provides a complete walkthrough and demonstration of all the gear used within a recording studio. Students gain practical understanding of setting up a music recording session by utilising the correct type of microphones and miking techniques. Details of how to operate an audio mixing console is also taught. All the important recording, editing, mixing and mastering features of Pro-tools DAW software are touched upon, in this course.


Mixing & Mastering

2 Months

Students will be trained on Mixing Techniques such as Monitoring, Panning, Grouping, EQing, Compression, FX Processing as well as discussing Compression Techniques used in Mastering.


Sound Design

4 Months

Sound design  aims to breakdown the complete process behind creation of sound linked with visual medium. This includes planning, pre-production, on-location miking and recording techniques, sync sound techniques, production sound. Audio Post Production processes such as ADR (dubbing), Foley recording, creating Sound FX, Spotting for BGM, Final Mix/Mastering and Dolby 5.1/Atmos Surround Sound processing techniques are taught.


Electronic Music Production Beginner/Advanced

2/4 Months

EMP course teaches music production and programming using popular DAW software such as Logic and Ableton. Students shall understand the creative logic behind electronic music compositional techniques such as Music Theory, Beat Creation, Looping, Synthesis, Creative FX processing, Song Arrangement, MIDI Recording and Editing, Automation, Mixing and Mastering for Music. Operation and performance of electronic music production gear such as hardware synth/samplers, loop machines, FX units are also covered in this module


 Digital/Pro DJ

1/2 Months

Learn how to DJ using hardware and software such as Pioneer CDJ, Traktor, Serato, building a library of music, beat matching, mixing techniques such as fades/EQ, bars and phrases, understand various genres of music and the culture behind it.


Live Sound

2 Months

This course provides an understanding of the set up/operation/tear down of a Public Address System. This module trains the student to design and operate a large outdoor/indoor sound setup and live sound mixing for shows such as Live band performance, entertainment shows, stage shows, ceremonies and conferences. Effective deployment of wireless microphone technology is also covered within this module.


Song Writing

2 Months

This songwriting course takes you through the complete process of making songs, creating hooks and melodies, writing good lyrics, working on softwares such as Ableton and Logic.



1 to 3 Days

Short Workshops aimed at specific topics within a range of subjects such as EMP, Mixing & Mastering, DJing, Song Writing, etc. Short Workshops aimed at specific topics within a range of subjects such as EMP, Mixing & Mastering, DJing, Song Writing, etc.

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