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The Turquoise School of Sound Engineering (TSSE) programs rest on a strong belief that to reach the highest levels of success and to experience longevity in the sound industry, an aspiring sound professional is best prepared by developing skills in all areas pertaining to the professional world of sound.

We offer students the vital combination of the technical, theoretical, practical and musical areas of the art. This approach serves musicians with the objective of entering the professional world of sound.

At TSSE we will develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the fundamentals of sound engineering including recording, mixing, and production and mastering. This includes a strong and diverse musical background, a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of science and mathematics as it applies to sound, and a great deal of hands-on learning in a variety of studio and live sound environments.

The courses at TSSE will extend artistic and technical outcomes in the sonic arts including sound recording, mixing, and production. It will provide a comprehensive understanding of sound engineering theory and its practice; enhance problem-solving skills; and provide a reflexive active skill set that can adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of sound engineering, its practice, and processes.

Our courses help to support the full spectrum of our work, from creative sound to artist development opportunities and digital innovations providing you with the knowledge to explore how music is perceived and remembered.

As an Alumni of TSSE, we encourage you to join our community of international artists to grow and carry the music within far beyond the dream.

See you at TSSE