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Fee: Project Based

Please contact us for your project. We will be glad to work with you.


Fee: Project Based

Specialisation: Electronic Music, Ambient, chillout, lounge, Soundtrack music, and Jazz but I can cover any style. Not only music, we will mix and master any audio, podcasts, commercials or audio books.

Master is done for: Vinyl, CD, YouTube, iTunes, Tidal , Apple Music, SoundCloud etc. When it comes to music mastering, we’ve worked a broad range of projects from upcoming musician clients to professional musicians. Our high quality mastering and mixing services comes from using only professional equipment and plugins. We always aim to achieve the best sound for every song we work with. The difference in packages is only in the amount of stems that you need to mix.

For Mixing We Cover:

  • Level balancing
  • Stereo panning
  • Compression
  • Multiband compression
  • EQ
  • Writing automation (volume, effects sends etc.)
  • Setting up reverb, delay and other effects
  • Autotune effect (if needed)


  • Polishing the mix with frequency and dynamic correction
  • Stereo widening a mix with MS Processing
  • Maximising the loudness of the final mix


Accurate vocal tuning

Noise correction / Audio Clean up**

Sending mixed stems back

**Audio repair / noise reduction

What You Will Get:

Professionally mixed and mastered multi-platform ready track in WAV and 320 mp3 formats


Fee: Project Based

  • Noise reduction
  • Error removal, undesirable breaths, clicks, pops, plosives, and mouth noises
  • Equalization and compression to enhance the quality of the voice.
  • Level adjustment to meet the ACX Standards
  • Room tone adding.


Fee: Project Based

Podcast Editing, Mixing & Mastering

We will

  • Apply Noise Reduction (De-Click, De-Plosive, Filter EQ, De-Noise)
  • Edit recorded content (errors, hesitations, repetitions, noises)
  • Arrange episode content and Mix in supplied intro, outro, transitions, adverts etc
  • Apply EQ, Compression, Levelling
  • Master final mix to -16LUFS
  • Convert to MP3 format 128kbps Stereo

We also:

  • Balance overall volume
  • Fix overall EQ
  • MINOR noise reduction (please check if that covers your needs)
  • Add an intro and outro that are pre-made with music already added (provided by you)
  • Trim the start/end of silence
  • Provide a finished MP3 file that confirms to broadcast standards and is ready to upload


Body edits of podcast, or removal of specifics with timestamps

Remove unwanted words/pauses (ums, ahhs, etc) without timestamps

Create Intro / Outro if they are not pre made with music already


Fee: Project Based

Producing sound design for:
Animation – Film – Game – App – Logo – Intro – Outro – Promo – Trailer & other projects.

Selecting and mixing:
Corporate, Upbeat & Inspiring, Epic, Indie, Atmospheric, Electronic, Uplifting, Acoustic, looped, custom made for logos or intros & outros royalty-free music & much more exclusively for your project.

NOTE add Single Music Score extra if you want a music track selected for the project!

 NOTE: All Sound effects are custom created / recorded / edited / and mixed by us and are ROYALTY FREE to future use.


Fee: Project Based

Based on your specific requirement, we can help you with:

Studio Set Up | Equipment ( Range, Procuring) | Sound Proofing |

  • Equipment use:  Tips and the best way to use your equipment to achieve the best possible results
  • Buying equipment? We help you decide on budget based range of equipment to get the best possible sound
  • Recording audio:Techniques , tips and best practices for recording audio in any application
  • Working with audio: Advice on formats for any internet platform or physical support


Fee: Project Based

We create Sound Design & SFX for:

  • Commercial Movies and Short Films
  • Animation movies
  • Corporate videos
  • Mobile games
  • Apps
  • Podcasts
  • Commercials

All of the sounds and music will be ROYALTY FREE


Fee: Project Based

We can design you music with design and soundscaping based on your content and specifics

All of the sounds and music will be ROYALTY FREE


Course Fee: Contact

We have ongoing mentoring, certified basic and advanced courses in Sound Engineering. Contact us for details