Turquoise Sound Pvt.Ltd  owns 3 labels: Secrets Of Change©, Blue Magic Records© and EthnoClassical Recordings India©. We are a great choice for artists who’d like to stay independent, but want all the benefits of being signed to a record label. We are the modern music industry’s alternative to the traditional record label deal. Our Label services usually include marketing, promotion, distribution, sync, sales, rights and analytics. Obviously this depends on what kind of deal you go for, ranging from just a consultation deal to more digital music label services or full-blown label collaboration services keeping the artist and their careers as independent as possible.

With more and more artists fighting to stay independent, joining us is a common choice.

Our labels feature an experienced team of creative consultants, ready to guide you through a long term collaboration with us, your next business venture, your next music video, album artwork, website or maybe a complete rebrand? Contact us.