The Company

Here at Turquoise Sound, we’ve always been inspired by the power of music. Sound and the gentle butterfly are the change we connect with to build a community through music transforming lives, challenging potential and celebrating the work of its makers.

Sound engineering involves the artistic and technical control of sound in the field of music. We compose, arrange and produce music and sound design for background scores for films, medical research, and music to picture, live art, corporate sounds, songs, and commercial ventures.

We have worked with sound from different cultures and we’re forever grateful for these experiences.Through sound and melody, we have experienced change within, and we want people throughout all communities to experience positive change.

Global music and community is an intimate environment. We feel this is the best way to build local communities and to honor the legacy of music that has been so core to our cultures since the beginning. For those who have shared this journey with us, Thank you!

Music is an essential part of our DNA, it’s universal language brings great people together. It was our love of music that led us to connect to the a global artist community, For us, music is our roots, it reminds us that through music we can transform . and transcend our inner Self to rise and lead us to build a community of gentle and wonderful minds.

We create the world where music and community prosper.

Our  production office and recording studio are located in the famous beach state of north Goa, India. We are in a beautiful location for welcoming clients to our studio and are happy for them to attend sessions and presentations.

We  have a team of in-house composers  with a blend of youth and experience. We also collaborate with composers internationally. We work both independently and together, giving clients a master quality selection.